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Foot 1, Foot 2 Fuzzy Slides


You'll never lose track of which slipper goes on which foot with this play off a literary classic. Step in with Foot 1 and Foot 2 and feel the immediate comfort take over.

  • Size Large - 10-13 Women's Shoe Size/ 9-12 Men's Shoe Size
  • Size Medium - 5-9 Women's Shoe Size/ Men's 6-8
  • Care Hand wash

Fabric: Polyester 100 % %


Features a thick cushion and extra padded
bottom, these slippers redefine comfort. Each pair is meticulously designed to provide a level of coziness that is truly unparalleled.


Our gender-neutral slippers showcase a sense of style that is both diverse and inclusive. Choose from two exceptional styles: the classic slide or the innovative 3D design.


With a range of unique and eye-catching designs, each pair of slippers allows you to showcase your personality and stand out from the crowd with bold patterns, playful characters, or artistic motifs.