Tony WIlliams

Coming from a musical background, Tony Williams grew up in the choir and around instruments. It's almost as if his future was pre-determined because it all just came naturally for him. As he came up, he went on to form many bands in many different genres, diversifying himself and allowing him to express himself through music as a lead vocalist. Williams, the cousin of Kanye West, has gone on to appear on all of West's albums as a writer or vocalist, and is considered a creative to his cousin and peers alike in the G.O.O.D. Music family. Being that he is a world renowned musician, Tony has taken on the moniker of "The World Famous", and hasn't looked back since. He has released a studio album and two mixtapes with many more projects on the horizon. The now Texas native is a unique artist, who puts together what can only be considered masterpieces, which is the exact reason why he is Odd!