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For yourself or a gift?
Tell us weather you would like this subscription for yourself or fi you would like to gift it.
Choose your style.
Select from one of our three boxes, Fashion, Basix, or Licensed.
How many pairs?
Select how many pairs of socks you would like in your box. Quantities range from one to six pairs.
Prepay or Pay Monthly.
Choose your payment plan. Select from multiple monthly plans or prepaid plans.

What's the catch?

Can i change my subscription type?

Yes, simply log into your Sox Box profile and change your preferences.

Can i change the length of my subscription?

You can make adjustments to your subscription length or cancel the remaining months that have not shipped by contacting us.

Can i have both men and women socks in my box?

Currently this is not an option but stay tuned as we frequently make updates.

I'm buying a subscription as a gift. will i be automatically charged for the next payment?

If you choose to buy a gift subscription and pay monthly, we will continue charging you every month until you decide to cancel your subscription. But if you buy a gift subscription and pay in advance for 3 or 6 months, the subscription will automatically stop once it reaches the final month.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship both domestically and internationally through USPS which includes 190 countries.

What if i don’t like the socks i received? can i exchange them?

We do not offer exchanges. We know that you’ll love our socks! But in the case that they’re not your style, share them with a friend!

My sox box didn’t show up.

Contact us by email at, or give us a call at (727) 538-8888.

What if i get tired of my sox box?

Option 1: Change your preferences
Option 2: Cancel your subscription
Note: You can cancel in anytime for any subscription plan.