Dusty Hernandez

At the age of 17, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison chose to forgo his amateur status and made history in his professional debut on June 11, 2011 when he became the youngest licensed professional fighter in the United States. Daily he remains focused on his aspirations of having his name mentioned alongside the iconic World Champions who paved the way for Dusty’s younger generation. Trained under the watchful eye of his father, Buddy Harrison, the young fighter has been boxing longer than he can remember. Dusty fondly recalls watching old home movies of himself shadow boxing in a onsie when he was just 10 months old and fought in his first boxing exhibition at the tender age of 6. Dusty has fought on many cards and been seen all over the world with HBO broadcasts of his fights. Dusty is a fan favorite because of his talent and exciting style in the ring and humbleness and humility outside the ring. Being a great fighter in the ring and his progression as a young entrepreneur outside the ring made Dusty a great 1,2 combo to be added to our Odd Mob Family.

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