Odd Sox Announces
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To say Odd Mobber Von Miller dominated Super Bowl 50 would be an understatement. After setting the tone for the game by sacking Cam Newton and forcing a fumble for a touchdown, Von continued to be everywhere throughout the game, never allowing the Panthers to get into a groove. Still a tight contest in the 4th quarter, he all but secured the win with another sack for a fumble, which earned him the games highest honor of "Most Valuable Player". The Broncos went on to win Super Bowl 50 24-10.


Von Miller is the definition of our slogan, "Stand Out, Be Odd" and we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the All-Pro linebacker to release a "Signature Collection" of self-designed Odd Sox. The 4 piece series features some of Von's favorite things, including Owls, Chickens, the Rocky Mountains and of course his college and pro team colors with a Texas Steer Head. We'll have more info on release date and store availability soon. Be sure to check back and take a sneak peek at the collection below!


Congrats to number 58 and the entire Denver Broncos organization!


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